It is interesting how guarantee can give a jump start to your business and keep the customers coming back.

In my accounting and business advisory practice we think the guarantee is implied. Which means if client is not happy we have to keep doing what it takes to make him/ her happy. Recently I heard an interview by Darren Hardy Publisher of Success Magazine that encouraged me to introduce a no questions asked guarantee in my business. And I can see visible improvement in my business in a very short span of time.

In north america most big box stores offer great customer service as well as guarantee their products in varying degrees. But when you have to return some will ask you to fill a form, others will ask you various questions and some will even make you feel embarrassed.

But think of Costco; one of the major ingredient of their success is no question asked guarantee. I have the personal experience of buying 52 inch TV from Costco few years back which my wife did not like. Being bit lazy I was trying to convince her to keep it but it did not work. So we took the TV after over 2 months and I was surprised when the return clerk just took it back without any question. I did not have to give any reason or excuse for not liking it. Then I looked at the numbers of sales counters vs one return counter. My simple guess was that Costco would have less than 2% return merchandise.

Before this particular experience I was always skeptical about buying from Costco. I was always annoyed when they ask to see my membership card to enter the store, provide little or no service in selecting or lifting the merchandise. But my return experience made me a dedicated customer of Costco.

Translate this to your own business and see how you can offer absolute guarantee for full customer satisfaction and see your business grow.


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