Complaints welcome

The first group, will quietly pay the bill and leave. Even if you ask for comments and suggestions this group will somehow avoid the complaint. If asked why not complain, most people in this group will say they do not want to create a scene, cause embarrassment etc. Others like myself might say, I would rather conserve my energy for something more positive.

The other group, will complain and whine at every possible opportunity. Some will even become rude and arrogant. If asked for reason most people will say that you must exercise your right, you deserve to be treated well etc. and I fully agree with that.

My wife always says that I have a soft corner for small businesses specially for service providers and I say “guilty as charged”.I’m not one to complain, even if my hairdresser cuts my hair too short.

But question is: who is a better customer?

Customer from the first group, if not happy with your product or service will not complain but will most likely not return to your business for a repeat purchase. This customer will also not recommend your business to any friends or family members.

However, by complaining, the customer in the second group provides you an opportunity to improve your product or service, and add other features or even opportunity to up-sell. Consider this customer as your best friend and real supporter of your business. By addressing the complaint you have an opportunity to make this customer as your loyal client for repeat and referral business.

So, ask for feedback from each and every customer. Offer some tangible or intangible reward for feedback, recognize the person who makes a complaint and convey the improvements which happened because of the feedback or complaint. Consider every complaint as an opportunity to improve and thus grow your business.


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